The Mission Statement

Look, its pretty fucking obvious that we are not really into updating our website.

Renegade Bloc was founded in 2002 as an airsoft team and designed specifically to be an outlet for friends to go off and play a real silly assed game and form a support structure for life around it.   Our membership is a tight and connected group of friends that extends to our families and we just so happen to play this game called airsoft.

It actually works.  We are the senior team of the Chicago Airsoft Association and the oldest continous operational airsoft team in the Chicago Area.   We have current, alumni, and retired members from all walks of life to include military, police, computer dorks that refuse to help with the website, and even students.

We are always looking for new members, we are slightly restrictive and do have a very specific uniform requirement.

What you need to know is this, we have been playing this sport for a long time.   We are good at it.  We travel to major events with our combined Chicago Airsoft Association sister teams and we usually do very well.   We participate in Chicago Airsoft Association private events, and in many cases our membership is actually employed or working in the airsoft industry.   We almost know what we are doing.

So if you are interested in playing airsoft at a higher level then random open play, want to form bonds with other players that will enhance the game for you, and like to laugh, this might be your fucking team.

If not, there are other team in the Chicago Airsoft Association, and other teams outside of the CAA that we would be happy to help you network and find to make sure that you are where you want to be to be happy and continue on as a valuble player in this silly sport.